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yo im roxie and im here to say
haha the people reading this are very very gay

looks at this

sighs heavily

folks, i have bad news. covid-19's an anime boy now. i'm afraid if @FirstProgenitor starts kinning covid-19 we gotta take him out back because the rabies done got him good and proper

my ex hit me with a gif of yugi activating a trap card when i stumbled onto her special interest in conversation and i cannot stop thinking about the metaphor now

@roxie you're tempting me to search for HAARP on youtube...

miss when youtube conspiracy videos was weirdos making backmasking compilations in windows movie maker, not weird chuds filming themselves on like tiktok or some weird social media spinoffs made just to exploit this weird kicked off twitter group who think some revolution is about to happenn... any minute now

re: uk food stuffs 

have to cw uk food since our stuff is all brown lol

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uk food stuffs 

crazy how versitile brown sauce is for pepping up a dish

vegan rambles, diet stuff i guess 

wish lots of things were just vegan cause I miss a lot of cheap takeaways and sometimes I still cheat a lil but I dont wanna do it too much as thats the whole point, reduce to almost eliminate non vegan stuff in my diet.

python dev question 

is there any way to save a file to memory? like lets say I have some csv and it needs to be read via the open() function but i have it as a variable. Is there no way to save a text file to memory and just open it from memory without requiring the disk io?

HRT joking 

Can't wait until I can put down 7 estro patches on me at once I will be an unstoppable vessel of female hormones.

its still weird when u get like the fallout of meta on ur tl. Like its good cause I know I dont even interact with who the meta is about and the bad people are elsewhere but damn is it fucking confusing

I'm so so so tired...

Anyway, here's a cute photo I found.

kink misinfo 

oviposition kink is when you're turned on by where eggs are

anyways this entire quote from the social network is something i'd like to say to larry

@witchy idk who larry is but this quote should be screamed from every rooftop

need to find somewhere like redbubble that actually stocks like those pint size mugs cause I need way more of them in my life

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