Lmaooo my gf has her Steam display name set to "gay" and CS:GO is censoring it in the game logs lol

yelling "BUSSY" through a megaphone in the middle of the library

my kink-positive, steampunk wife refuses to shower for "ethical reasons"

Lesbian Annecdote 

There's a traditional Jewish deli in my neighborhood, and I like going there bc it reminds me of my childhood & there's an incredibly sweet, slightly older woman with long gorgeous black curls who's sweet to me

Today, I was walking through the grocery store and she backtracked an aisle to say hello

I didn't recognize her right away bc her natural hair is short and grey / she's a complete silver fox

Anyway she told me she loves my "Hyena Chic" facemask and I'm fucking dead now

all i am saying is all of our issues are the fault of the last labour government

Spam of pics from today's walk in the woods incoming 🌿

Anyway today was great and it was so so pretty! Took a walk along a lake and a small creek quite some way into the woods. Theo had a lot of fun as well 💚

@Sapphicgiraffic So the rural queers continue to slink in the shadows for years.

And then the internet happens.

you hear them chant outside the walls, banging on the gates. Their battle cry grows louder and louder until it fills the room you are cowering in.


the bottoms have taken over

are you telling me an object orientated this program?

love the idea i have the aesthetic of the mr robot having a binder full of cd's and sharpie but its just humble bundles...

i feel like it went well but knowing my luck i just will expect the worst of rejection i think eblgh

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Thinking about how Polybius was a lie to get traffic to some dude’s website and wondering how many other urban legends have similarly mundane origins

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