so a group of russian queer activists residing in germany opened an official petition to the bundestag to help trans people from russia easily flee to germany. it's not some change org shit, it's literally on bundestag's website.

but the issue is, we need at least 50k votes for it to be reviewed

you don't have to be a citizen of germany for your vote to be considered. please take a second to vote. lives depend on your decision

(comments are transphobic, skip them pls)

Sad posting, ND 

I have a pretty cushy job, and like I'm trying by best to be good at that and I enjoy it. I dont think I'll ever be a functioning person tho with spoons. Who can clean up after herself. Who can actually have irl friends. Its a fucking struggle. And im still failing rn.

The reason I want to get back on fedi is there is kind of a lonelyness not being able to discuss certain topics like my tech shit without being able to have an audience of people who are interested but it always feels like quite daunting and now I'm second guessing myself on if its worth it.

On a site note to me moving instance! (Pls follow)

I also want to make a nsfw account what's the best trans friendly nsfw place for that fedi?

Dysphoria brainworms - 

Hate how even if my partner thinks I'm hot and tells me I still think I'm ugly and compare myself to other trans people ugh

My days have been manually adding secrets to hashi vault so I can integrate it into a ansible templating system. So then we can run docker compose containers on the prod servers. Idk if its super hacky but its better than the alternative. A lot of those setup steps being manual and unsafe

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What is fun about working as a software dev in a non-tech company is you dont have to deal with some really dull convos around cloud services and dealing with them, or be forced into a box. I get to wear many hats and do lots of things. I hear some of the convos people have in tech about software and go insane that any of it is relevant.

The sad bit about working with it is people not correctly designing systems and you are the only person who can fix it. Let's run a "micro service" (see macro service) architecture with no secrets sharing or service discovery. Let's just keep em all in the .env files not backed up. Or have any backups. God I need to make sure I document this process of upgrading just to show off I can do it and overhaul a systen

Sooo tired, been fun setting up a new laptop for work. I'm now a tiling wm for work sicko

Hey so serious question, would anyone genuinely be interested in me sharing my on going war stories at my current job? Like how we had no secrets management, a micro service system with no service registers, no backups, most critical apps still using node 12 and literally thousands of critical security issues?

Nothing too identifying while its active but like I became the sole person responsible and it will be a nice idea to document my rise into senior dev by somehow becoming a devops engineer at the same time and doing systems admin and data security? Also think it would look well I was able to brag about those things as I do them. Our systems are fucked lol

Hey friends, I'm officially actually going to try to give fedi microblogging a real go again! Maybe this time without running my own instance and leaving it up to others. Does anyone have any good instance recommendations?

I know I'll have to do a migration on a new instance to keep my followers but I might cull the follows a bit and readjust to how I am now as a person. Probably looking for a nice techy lgbt space that doesnt mind an extra anarchist hacker lesbian dog girl. I also sim race, and helping run a trans team in that space also occupies a lot of my time. So somewhere friendly to motorsports and fake computer motorsports?

Considering if its still worth it to run an instance myself or move to someone elses? Idk if theres anywhere nice for me or if this instance still works properly. Its really do I make a new one or just bite the bullet and find a new one and just pay less in donations than i would maintaining this one.

How hard is it to find a non chud-y programming content creator? While I found a guy who at least has nice industry experience he also has hints of being a stupid chud idiot and like I just wanna find someone I can learn off in an entertaining way. The only other person ive seen like that is like a trans woman who just makes gaming shaders so not my realm sadly.

I just broke down crying looking at a guide to help autistic children deal with plane travel and like idk it hit me how much that its exactly geared to how I think and need things and something I never had help with.

Anyone come up with a Xenia plush yet? Like ive seen a few group buy plushies lately and I feel this is a gold mine waiting to happen. Trans people + Linux + plushies + furries. The ultimate combo.

I had another one planned for when I finally get to try pop-shell. As a gal whos tried to use i3 and sway so many times, they just fucking become a pain after a while. I'm hoping gnome plus tiling sits well. If not I will just go back to i3 ofc after this stint on KDE. Before I get bored of that and go back to KDE. My relationship with window managers has been hard

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If anyone was interested ofc I'd love that. I just am trying not to centre that as my reason and get disheartened when the inevitable happens

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Mostly dumb stuff like how I'm working on turning a companies awful infra into not a mess over time, why I love open source but slowly more and more closed source apps invade my life, and just whatever dumb hobby stuff I get up to. Also just general stuff that interests me. I'll probably post them here but I'm not too bothered if anyone reads them. They are just for me to get it out there. Vent at the world because tech sucks. Gives me something to focus on and process the day.

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