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yo im roxie and im here to say
haha the people reading this are very very gay

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Hey, if you know of a software dev position open remotely or the North England then pls check for my cv cause I need a job thanks.

Ah yes, PayPal saying they are securing their platform by... Forcing people to use SMS as 2fa even if you have the safer otp 2fa protocol... God that's so dumb

so my just toddler got pizza sauce on the face of my sailor jupiter cameo pendant and it took me several licks to get all the sauce cleaned off and only afterwards did i realize how odd that would have looked out of context, sorry makoto


Wanna put my peepee in someone's vajayjay tbh

Anyone give tech advice rn? My HDMI to dvi converter is only outputting super low resolutions? Won't go to 1080p for some reason?

tech bros love saying racism is a 'personal opinion'. they have never suffered any genuine hardship in their life, and, since their entire way of life is based on ignoring the possibility of any other way of life, they're incapable of imagining anyone else might have, either. this means when someone calls them a 'cracker' online it's an unprecedented atrocity

haskal: Adult* Human** Enby***

* actually a child tbh
** [citation needed]
*** ok this part's true

like why do they not update the name i updated and like have it as two different bits

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furthering the HMRC using my deadname. I have letter addressed to me as Roxie for my self assessment form. That then goes on to deadname me right afrer. So THEY HAVE TWO NAMES FOR ME WHY

Damn on this UK pokeworld they have pubs but with fruit juice on tap uwu

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Can't believe people called this game ugly it looks amazing. And the wooloos! Rolling! Aaaa

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Oh and do u get a eevee plush cause I have a pokemon let's go eevee save? Cause fuck I want that IRL to go with NY sylveon plush

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God I love how this has lots of British specific slang for stuff like telly. Finally my people get representation in Japanese pocket monster games

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God my pokemon PC is living the dream. Being gendered and called Roxie by ur lovely supportive mum

cp commands? nah im Capturing Pokemon on company time while I babysit this command

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gunna go play pokemon while I wait for this command to finnish and like get into the game i got myself yesterday. work annoying

hey gurl would you take me back to your room so we can do interesting material science experiments/electronics rework

wheres my government mandated hot transbian gf I can be gay with?

really gunna think about getting a whole kvm switch system so I can play switch at my desk on my second monitor uwu

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