How hard is it to find a non chud-y programming content creator? While I found a guy who at least has nice industry experience he also has hints of being a stupid chud idiot and like I just wanna find someone I can learn off in an entertaining way. The only other person ive seen like that is like a trans woman who just makes gaming shaders so not my realm sadly.

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@cadey yeah that fucker who seems to run an amazing blog that makes me jealous just looking at it 😝 seriously this is fab. Gives me some inspiration of the stuff I need to be doing too. I wanna be a queer gal writing about linux and software just to show this hyperfocus/career is somehow worth it and share that knowledge. I'll be sure to read some of these. Especially the moonlander review as another moonlander user

@cadey I also remember now ive thought about it Mara and getting taught stuff via your blog before I'm so dumb

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