What is fun about working as a software dev in a non-tech company is you dont have to deal with some really dull convos around cloud services and dealing with them, or be forced into a box. I get to wear many hats and do lots of things. I hear some of the convos people have in tech about software and go insane that any of it is relevant.

The sad bit about working with it is people not correctly designing systems and you are the only person who can fix it. Let's run a "micro service" (see macro service) architecture with no secrets sharing or service discovery. Let's just keep em all in the .env files not backed up. Or have any backups. God I need to make sure I document this process of upgrading just to show off I can do it and overhaul a systen

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My days have been manually adding secrets to hashi vault so I can integrate it into a ansible templating system. So then we can run docker compose containers on the prod servers. Idk if its super hacky but its better than the alternative. A lot of those setup steps being manual and unsafe

@roxie And who needs version control or any centralised documentation (when you can poke around the project folder instead for individual files) anyway? *sigh*

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