I'm genuinely thinking about getting a blog sorted. I used to want to write more for the sake of it. Now I have dangerous levels of salt and the need to let people know the random things I think. A month of being a senior dev can do that to a gal lol.


Mostly dumb stuff like how I'm working on turning a companies awful infra into not a mess over time, why I love open source but slowly more and more closed source apps invade my life, and just whatever dumb hobby stuff I get up to. Also just general stuff that interests me. I'll probably post them here but I'm not too bothered if anyone reads them. They are just for me to get it out there. Vent at the world because tech sucks. Gives me something to focus on and process the day.

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If anyone was interested ofc I'd love that. I just am trying not to centre that as my reason and get disheartened when the inevitable happens

I had another one planned for when I finally get to try pop-shell. As a gal whos tried to use i3 and sway so many times, they just fucking become a pain after a while. I'm hoping gnome plus tiling sits well. If not I will just go back to i3 ofc after this stint on KDE. Before I get bored of that and go back to KDE. My relationship with window managers has been hard

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