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Hi all. My close friend and comrade Elise (they/them) currently has no money for food (excl what I have sent just now). They just recently moved states in the US and are starting a new job and therefore won't be paid for a while and need some help getting to the next pay cheque.

Any help would be appreciated. The only payment method I have for them is a cashapp address. $carbonwaves. Thanks πŸ’™ if there's any issues let me know I could work on getting other ways to send them money working.

Update, I am now 4 weeks into new job and they haven't discovered I am actually an imposter and totally know nothing of software development. For real tho I've actually been so productive as a person its been wild. Finally getting stuff sorted. Maybe I might even use fedi more.

Mh - 

Been isolating myself lots from friends and spiraling bad n stuff but sometimes I remember I have a social media so hi. Times tough friends.

Literally no one will remember but I feel its important for me to at least make that correction

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OK update on my vent of the streamer. It turns out he wasn't doing it for a joke. He actually was demisexual so I was getting upset for no reason. The comment about the dating thing was other wise he wouldn't list it. I feel much better now. He wasn't being dumb, it was just confusing in joke on stream that chat made

@handle @hazelnot mastodon actually made the "delete posts after x amount of time" an actual feature now so you wouldn't need a script for that. The app I was using only worked with mastodon anyhow.

Watching a dude complain that a Β£350 technical marvel for the price point has cheap plastic or less than premium bumper buttons like I'm just dumb founded lol

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@kawaiipunk @M0YNG the amount I'm having to learn about the insurance industry in the UK and php makes me glad I'm being paid decently at least

-, queerphobia 

@immychan what one was that? Mine was joshimuz GTA speed runner and guy who got me into Sim racing :/

Might do a dumb thing for me which is try and find someone new for to date. It always goes very badly and I'm basically marmite but those who thing they love me grow very bored quickly. Anyway the reason is by gf has been looking and I feel quite left out as I've basically just had one partner for over a year in comparison to her who has been searching andgot new partners even if that didn't last.

-, queerphobia 

So to explain I do know what joke this is meant to be other than its something to do with dating cause he's now single and got like told even tho he didn't want to to use twitch as a joke dating thing. But why this even involves a lgbt identity I have no idea and is just some queerphobic bs

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-, queerphobia 

Fucking finding out that one of the streamers I like fucking put demisexual in his twitch tags as a meme and I just wanna fucking explode but can't just say that's fucked up in his chat so whatever guess I just won't watch anymore fuck sake

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Getting mad imposter syndrome with how many questions I need to ask :/

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