kink misinfo 

oviposition kink is when you're turned on by where eggs are

anyways this entire quote from the social network is something i'd like to say to larry

@witchy idk who larry is but this quote should be screamed from every rooftop

need to find somewhere like redbubble that actually stocks like those pint size mugs cause I need way more of them in my life

@cerena idk yet. My idea atm is mostly just worrying about security and backups lol. dont want people to lose things or for things to break or dont have people break in

Petition to make "Links 2 3 4" the leftist anthem, plus its german so like half of you probably actually know the words without needing to translate it too

huh weird that my slave colony founded on tax evasion would have fucked up views on the social safety net 250 years later!

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would people maybe want services like idk >< its a fun domain

it would be pretty neat to like actually have more people use stuff but like should I bother to add more services n stuff?

re: trans pol privilege 

@steph yeah i mean ive had ok experiencces. nothing super awful but like not amazing either. Really want things to be amazing for all of us tho ;-;

unconsesual findom also known as ransomware 

We'll thats kinda arousing just i cant pay for it. Are there different ways i can pay, dear hacker? :blob_cat_surprised:


github link:

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