@ida surprised at the amount of people scanning it. Also I didn't eau before but I love ur fursona PFP and I need to get my fursona designed and made aaaa

@JordiGH have to use my powers of knowing how to use qr encode for something. Tho not as cool as the people who encoded the whole for ytdl in two images cause it got dmca'd lol. 💙​

everyone is 'simping' these days, when i was young we were 'smitten'

due to budgetary reasons, it's bread OR circuses now, sorry

made a target at the bottom of the pit in my test world

closer to the center is higher pitch

sorry, i can't progress to a 5 star gender! i need 1000 more awakening stones

@FirstProgenitor i feel this from the other gay angle, being a dog girl who whimpers when not being patted 24/7, attention is a mustttttt.

While all you are shitposting about catboys, I’m actually catboying irl by demanding my boyfriend pay attention to me and crying when he stops

need to get some style in my life but im to sleepy

banned from the gender olympics for using pronouns (amateur-nouns only)

Using a vulnerability in GitHub someone has pushed the contents of the DMCA'd youtube-dl repository to GitHub's own DMCA repository


all da cuties being hacker peeps on the timeline very pleasing

sometimes i remember that belle delphine is british. she is our most valuable culural export and the tory government isnt doing enough to support the doing ahegao face industry

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