*see's friend have a cute interaction*
i hope this is not weird

does anyone want to take over the domain cuties.chat ? :boost_ok:


You get: to pet me
I get: pets

I wish all dogs a very happy
you're the good dog!
it's you!
yes you are!

What's a pirate's favourite programming language? (bad joke) 

You might think it's R, but their first love is the C.

ah yes, the user Cum Goblin on the instance Jorts Party will be taken seriously when talking about being "hornt for skeletons" if only it was referred to as a post instead of a toot

making the mastodon experience more serious by only allowing a selection of pre-written posts

My psychology textbook presents The Bell Curve as merely "controversial" and not objectively wrong, which is terrifying

@dumpsterqueer we asked our consumers and they agree that for the mastodon franchise to continue we need to take our intellectual property serious and refrain from using cutesy words.

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