Ah yes mastadon, the Jamaican fork of Mastodon. I guess an update is the stupid trump social media switched to pleroma which... Kinda tracks... But both are under agpl so weird to have done the CSS then switch the next day but still violate agpl.

@kawaiipunk like i said in the work chat, gab already has all the tools to leech money off his followers so its a perfect choice

tech dystopia 

"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

People who use "Chad" and "Virgin" without irony are perpetuating 4chan culture surrounding incel terminology and cishetero primacy surrounding sexual conquest as a marker of success.

Use this terminology and I'm going to assume you've dipped your toes either unwittingly or purposefully into the realm of White Supremacy and you get a block.

Also, are you kidding me? You're still using 4chan memes? Grow up.

@hajduc i mean he's negascott so... not an asshole. tho tbf he becomes less of an asshole which allows them to be friends

promoting elevators is the most common type of multi-level marketing

@maris @julialuna fair. i just mean there is a lot more train nerds vs tram nerds. i dont have skin in that game cause i nerd out at different stuff. But i really do like the manchester metrolink with the trams that go toot uwu

@julialuna id say more like trams but worse cause like i think buses tend to have the same role as buses while trains are more long faster bois right? i know trams arent as sexy but the way the manchester ones go toot is amazing

the reason for this is im migrating to using wasabi so i wanted to make sure it was uploading stuff now. You will see the file is hosted under files.fedi.queerdorks.club which is this cool proxy thing and makes it look cool than a bare s3 link uwu

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