Gender Dysphoria is your brain being a Karen and demanding to speak with the manager on why your body doesn't match the shipping order it requested

Describe the male love interest in Jolene:

You can’t. He’s not described

What’s the male love interest’s name in Jolene?

Drawing a blank? He’s not named.

Jolene however has auburn hair, and emerald green eyes, and a smile like the breath of spring, and a voice like summer rain...

Hon, ditch Noname McGee, you’re in love with Jolene

Aaaaaand she probably likes you back. Why do you think she’s been hanging around you and your formless gray lump of a boyfriend?!?

Some people have a girlfriend
Some people have a boyfriend
I have a platypus controlling me, he's underneath the table

i'm not a weeb, as i only watch the classy, philosophical anime, and none of the horny weirdo ones

mh - 

Weird moment today. My ex gf comes to me for emotional support after she has had a fight with her mum. So I go and comfort her, then she proceeds to insult me for not thinking being ableist is ok and not being edgy like I was when I was fucking 18. This is while im in the middle of doing my fuckin interview test for my job application the week before I turn 21. Almost like I grew up or something.

Anyway then she goes and asks for more emotional help. Im so confused

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