Selfies ec 

And due to my depressing selfies here is one nicer

Selfie, eye contact, a more serious message??? 

I wanted to highlight an issue I have and it doesn't really come across in selfies too much because on selfies, I basically have to very unnaturally smile. Like smile harder than I've ever smiled before. This is because I have the most depressed looking resting face and it makes it so hard to get to something nicer. Also I look awful today and idk why. So here is two photos taken one after the other. One unnaturally smiling insanely and one literally me looking at the camera.

woaahh we half way thereee
woaahh froggy chair
take my hand
and we'll sit on the chaiiiirr
woooaaah froggy chair

I never did show all the cute keycaps I got printed that are lovely and I might use for something hehehe

Found this in my phone backups and want to release this cursed video back to the internet


I know I stole someones joke on fedi about this but I think I edited it enough to give it my own spin lol

Finally gave into trying i3 again and trying to really config it myself. looking ok atm. And yes I did get that playing mpv in the terminal its launched from work! if someone wants that I will gib.(The black space is just a virtual one that simulates the gap of my monitors)

Humble Bundles, now in disc form! When the internet dies and you really wanna play Hotline Miami, come visit your friend Roxie

working on a potential better front page for myself all professional and shit, well as professional as I can be

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