I didn't realise there could be such thing as the worst fucking sticker ever but here we are. Shame I have no stickers to cover it and its quite high up

So over the weekend. I streamed a full 25 nearly 26 hours as part of the Daytona 24 in IRacing. I raced for and am apart of the Prismatic Motorsports Driver Academy.

Prismatic Motorsports being a Sim racing team for trans people. The academy is a track for progressing certain drivers to esport level (all for fun though uwu)

I wasn't scheduled to race the most but I ended up doing so. So in total I spent around 6 hours and 10 minutes in our lovely prototype car. Not the best race on paper but to say i completed my first ever 24 hour endurance race with over 240 laps completed out of the 827 our car did, I was really proud of myself. Being able to start and finish the race was also an amazing experience.

Overall the car finished P15 and around 35 laps down. Lot of repairs and time in the pits but the car most of the time was on track.

My stream may have also tracked my mental state with how it got progressively more shit posty as the hours went on. I was down to one word replies to things at the end while driving πŸ₯΄

Ah yes mastadon, the Jamaican fork of Mastodon. I guess an update is the stupid trump social media switched to pleroma which... Kinda tracks... But both are under agpl so weird to have done the CSS then switch the next day but still violate agpl.

instance block rec, transphobia, homophobia, pl*roma shit 

social.handholding.io for being a glorified pleroma clone site hosting 4chan bigots. Literally has no rules again bigotry or being an asshole

this is what you call a proper comrade working environment at the coop im apart of

Just got my first podium in iracing aaaa what a race! I think I even had fastest lap

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