instance block rec, screenshot with all caps and transphobic bs Hosts this lovely person but also federates with all the other shit head instances (, etc.)

re: Glasses try on thread, screencap of the glasses 

these are the choices ur actually makin like laid out on the site

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Medical, asking for help pls 

Can someone help me read this number? I need to figure out what the optometrist wrote down for my left eye axis cause its so ambitious.

I cant even look at my old prescription since it seems my eye shape changed? And like since cylinder measurements relate to axis ones they aren't comparable.

I'm now a member of the Northern Independence Party... Gotta rep them on fedi now lol

Wow, this shirt is for XL trans girl e girls. I would appreciate if my tops didn't call me out like this

Selfies ec 

Got girl top and girl socks. Very happy they fit and very euphoric. So cute pusheeeen

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