So over the weekend. I streamed a full 25 nearly 26 hours as part of the Daytona 24 in IRacing. I raced for and am apart of the Prismatic Motorsports Driver Academy.

Prismatic Motorsports being a Sim racing team for trans people. The academy is a track for progressing certain drivers to esport level (all for fun though uwu)

I wasn't scheduled to race the most but I ended up doing so. So in total I spent around 6 hours and 10 minutes in our lovely prototype car. Not the best race on paper but to say i completed my first ever 24 hour endurance race with over 240 laps completed out of the 827 our car did, I was really proud of myself. Being able to start and finish the race was also an amazing experience.

Overall the car finished P15 and around 35 laps down. Lot of repairs and time in the pits but the car most of the time was on track.

My stream may have also tracked my mental state with how it got progressively more shit posty as the hours went on. I was down to one word replies to things at the end while driving πŸ₯΄

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Also fun fact. Those sponsors is actual sponsors of the team which is wild to me being apart of. Except for on the top you might see a Mermaids UK logo. Which the team runs charity races to raise money for. I've taken apart in a few!

heya, im proud of you too πŸ’› this is awesomermemrmemee

@roxie Congrats, that's big!!! A 24h endu is a huge fucking achievement regardless of pace/finishing position.
And sounds like a cool team, hehe. It's always great to see LGBTQ people being interested in racing and such. :ablobcatbongo:

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