Hey friends, I'm officially actually going to try to give fedi microblogging a real go again! Maybe this time without running my own instance and leaving it up to others. Does anyone have any good instance recommendations?

I know I'll have to do a migration on a new instance to keep my followers but I might cull the follows a bit and readjust to how I am now as a person. Probably looking for a nice techy lgbt space that doesnt mind an extra anarchist hacker lesbian dog girl. I also sim race, and helping run a trans team in that space also occupies a lot of my time. So somewhere friendly to motorsports and fake computer motorsports?

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@roxie Can't do much better than here - stable, fast, well federated and moderated, and plenty of good emoji. ^_^ or maybe? from what i've heard they're fairly decent if you wanted to continue with selfhosting you could try running gotosocial instead of mastodon (gotosocial is a newer more or less mastodon compatible fedi server thats much less of a hassle to run than mastodon)

@delta yeah I remember being there when tobi announced they was writing it and seeing it pop up. No idea how far along it is now? The main issues with hosting really deal with media management. The caching is awful expensive on mastodon. And just making sure I actually be a good system admin its progressed fairly nicely afaik, i think it has most of the features of mastodon now

media caching is still a thing with gotosocial but it has automatic pruning of the cache so you can tell it to not keep images for more than a few days and it can refetch as needed iirc, not sure if they have an option to disable caching entirely

@delta I mean mastodon has pruning too but it still sucks and I am still storing like 20-50gbs on wasabi s3 to deal with even tho ive not even been using masto for a while.

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