Considering if its still worth it to run an instance myself or move to someone elses? Idk if theres anywhere nice for me or if this instance still works properly. Its really do I make a new one or just bite the bullet and find a new one and just pay less in donations than i would maintaining this one.

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@roxie I did have an instance at one point, c/o, but quickly gave up on the idea when I realised that'd mean coming up with ToS and maintaining silencing/suspension. (I was also disappointed m.h doesn't support any variations, in particular max toot size, let alone any forks like glitch)

You're welcome here, of course, if you do wind up seeking a new home. ^_^

@porsupah I just have me on here so I dont have any legal logistics I guess. I did have to do a lot of the manual blocks but now I'm so out of date I'm probably missing too many. I dont seem to be federating well either way. I also find that the costs with media is annoying. I pay $5 alone on wasabi s3 fees just for the media this thing caches. Then €4.50 for my long running vps. It just seems like a lot of maintenance when I want to reconfigure how my personal infrastructure works. This instance is actually a big tech debt I have lol.

@roxie Mmm, it's that kind of thing which keeps me away from running a personal instance. Plus the Local TL's a bit dull then. =:)

(Not to say I won't fiddle with something like GoToSocial at some point, or even Mastodon, but that'd be purely for the technological exploration and ability to mess around with it. Sort of interested to see just how modest an MCU GTS will run on, too =:)

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