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yeah, I've got that DSL*

* Dick Suckin' Lip
** Digital Subscriber Line
*** Domain-Specific Language

I've seen a few people use various reminder methods for ADHD and other executive dysfunction/memory issues, and I've used many myself, but as of yesterday I'm trying this method where I have key tags labelled with various tasks attached to carabiners and then I wear the one with the ones I need to do today on myself around the house and it rattles and reminds me stuff needs doing, it worked great yesterday and I'm hoping to keep using it!

The green carabiner is today's task, red is storage for things I don't need to do and the gold one is completed tasks!

I have some labelled Task A, Task B, etc which are for one off rather than regular tasks (which are written on my to do list), and all the others are labelled with specific daily or regular tasks!

Are you a plushie and want your picture shared here too? Mention me and it's very likely that i will retoot it.

imagine saying u will happily say u want to send a chinese national to the gulag by getting him deported via a minor copyright dispute pubically on github and then cry victim because people think your an asshole

Well this makes for unpleasant reading.

QT marcan42: Disgusting. @workedntheory from Muse Group (MuseScore, Audacity) *continues* to personally threaten a Chinese expat to get him to take down his GitHub repos. "We're being nice by not destroying your life *yet*". ๐Ÿคฎ

Boycott Muse Group.

gamer girl sweat comes at a discount today because of over-production of it fucking hell it is tooooo warm

secret seo hack for mastodon algorithm 

if you want to become popular on the good parts of the fediverse then you can do this thing called "anti fascism"

More people just need to trim their bushes like u need to have that vines coming down the house aesthetic cause that shit cool. Let plabnts just eat your house

agatha said "im just a silly tiny bug-sized kitten!" and i made a pog face in real life

you can tell how old of a zoomer u are if you have watched vine comps more than tiktok ones

when i dont see pronouns in like a birdsite or masto bio i lose respect for that person just a lil. idk why. maybe im an asshole

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