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oh hey I left the codebase in a gay way* skdjdhd

Gettimg a lot of Switter boosts and faves lately, some say they're bots but I'd rather imagine tons of beautiful women are cheering me on, screaming my name, and are worshipping me in general. Yeah, tbat sounds corrwct

woaahh we half way thereee
woaahh froggy chair
take my hand
and we'll sit on the chaiiiirr
woooaaah froggy chair

@pastelpunkbandit's new pfp be like

"Hewwo... im here on ur tl... dont mind me... imma go zyoom by now but u be well byeeee"

Linkle is cool and all, but since Link is nb, they should make a man version of Link too. Call him like... Lunk.

feel pretty bad blegh. Maybe im just bad person sometimes and make people sad

day 2 of r/nofap

i levitate one milimeter off the floor

Love it when I see the same gif on Home, Local and Federated timeline but they are all out of sync

everyone ask me how i am and sometimes i know but then sometimes i dont know and it hard to know how i feel

ok so i have made a new game, flicket, pls sub to my patreon thanks

my genders are too strong for you, but that also gives peach a girlfriend
it's perfect...

i dont care if this gets me cancelled i think some of you need to hear this. its not ok to stan genghis khan. he was problematic as hell

RANDO: Peer review is flawed
ME: yes!
RANDO: The lack of transparency in the process is concerning
ME: yes, yes!
RANDO: It's basically groupthink
ME: uh
RANDO: that's why I don't trust journal articles or scientists, and instead get all of my information from homeopathy blogs
ME: :oh_no:

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