2022 review rambling 

Ive not really been around on here much this year. Ive been so busy and wanted to review this year in a thread. Maybe just one post but something to put what I got up too. I guess I'll reply to this with that

2022 review rambling 

Its been fucking wild and busy but I am proud to have done it. I see myself more in the mirror as I progress to be the best me hot alt bubbly gal I want to be. I'll list the achievements here and maybe go into detail about it later. But this year I got up to:

  • 3 year hrt mark

  • realising how fucked my levels have been and actually adjusting them properly which is why 3 years hrt is weird. I remember celebrating getting it in the first place in this very fediverse.

  • in March I got a job. Boring corporate job but it pays enough that I no longer feel depressed about my living situation and finally have a plan to move out. Its just been life changing to finally get the chance to get experience in the industry full time.

  • in January I started learning to drive. Its still happening and I have my test later this month.

  • I have been volunteering for a transgender sim racing team and being invited to actually manage the teams actual race entries and just fostering the best community we can for trans people in a niche hobby full of motorsports lovers.

  • I decided to lose weight. I gained a lot since I got on hrt and lockdown happened. So far from September ive lost 10kgs out of my goal to lose around 37kg~. Thats 22lbs lost for the Americans in the room.

  • me and my only current partner have been together for 2 years now. Shes been an absolute rock in my life and honestly so much to me. The longest ive actually been with someone and built something special with her. Helping her navigate poly stuff has been fun too and helped her find a lovely polycule setup too.

I might be forgetting stuff but this whole year has just been ups and improving myself and I hope to keep that up. I'm just so happy with how stuff has gone. I know ive not been around much but wanted to just put something down to book end it.

Roxie doggo out uwuawoo


2022 review rambling 

Oh yeah I totally forgot this is the first year I wore a skirt and full makeup in public. Arguably one if the first if not the first times I properly girl moded instead of a weird in between. That was fucking amazing. I posted it on here if you dig deep into August

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