oh yeah i might like make a new instance again to move from Masto or something and get something new. Idk I just need to reset and say hi to people again and get out there. Not looking forward to moving instance blocks tho that is a bitch to do

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@roxie Plenty of good ones around to migrate to, of course. ^_^

@porsupah yeah but I like to run stuff but maybe also dont fancy the stupid media costs i have to pay for a site i dont use much lol. Always worried that if i pick a bad place that shuts down with no notice I wont like get to recover.

@roxie Is there really much risk? Very few ever go down suddenly, so there's virtually always an opportunity to fetch one's archive. (A good idea occasionally regardless, like any other backup)

But yes, if you actually want to run an instance, that's a different matter. Probably curable, though. =:)

@roxie Oh, gods - that's sounding like sysadmin stuff. Definitely work. Though for just one's own archive, a simple reminder every month or so would suffice.

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