Just feels kinda lonely here now i guess cause ive neglected it

@roxie as someone just returning to masto after a long absence, same. things feel quieter than i remember. don't know how much of it is my digital context changing, how much is the fediverse changing, how much is my imagination.

@byte yeah idk just difficult and ends up making me feel weird about coming back

@roxie Ah, it happens- but that's easily remedied. ^_^

@roxie people might have moved instances. A few big ones died.

It's also slow time right now.

:blobsnuggle: though

@MxCraven nah one of the people i checked is on an alive instance and I go on the website and it has recent posts a lot sooner than my app so idk if thats a block or something. Anyway its whatever. Just seems all empty.


a lot of shit keeps shifting… boosted in case it’s okay, maybe it’ll help find some ppl?

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