@roxie i remember in middle school when i became the de facto tech person and installed ubuntu on a powerpc mac that they were trying to repurpose

i was so high that day

@hazel @roxie we remember in middle school participating in a hack that shut down the entire (novell, lol) lan for like a day and a half

it would've been a prouder day still if anyone could've known it was us without us getting expelled

there was also the time on a band trip a few years later when the two local girls our hotel room roommate knew well enough to invite over (!) were more impressed with us alligator-clipping our laptop onto the internet via the model 2500 knockoff room phone, than with the idea of sleeping with him (it was ok, he thought it was cool as hell too)

yes we're old, but also damn, those were the days

@alexis @roxie im still the sysadmin for my middle schools website even though im entering uni in a few months

i still get emails about stuff

@roxie sincerely whenever I go to the coffee shop for an hour between jobs and I have some reason to use the terminal and there are people who can theoretically see my screen, I feel all-powerful even though I am still little baby programmer

@roxie Me using top or sudo apt-get upgrade so it looks like I'm a h4ck3rz.

@roxie I was helping my roommate with a computer issue the other day, and she was watching me trying to get a command line to work (on a Windows 10 device). I finally figured it out, and muttered "I have to go deeper" and ran it with powershell (which worked) and then told her I had to go "past the command line" πŸ˜…

@roxie > Using the Terminal in front of Windows Programmers

@roxie i don't know much about computers other than - other than the one we got at my house, my mom put a couple games on there -

@roxie power now is a Smart Phone or access to Big Data of Amazon, Google, Facebook ...

Hacking Smartphones have the same Effect.

@roxie the other day my gf was in bed next to me while i was using my computer and i switched over to my terminal that was compiling something and she went "oh!" and left


I am convinced that's the main reason anyone uses the terminal.

@roxie |================ making a LED blinking with a script made in terminal

@roxie i wish i could boost this post a million times

Nowadays it works the same with "programmers" too


me: tmux attach-session -t temp0
them: woa
me: ctrl-b+β€œ, ctrl-b+%
them: guoooooooh
me: htop

@roxie Which is funny, in a way, since interaction with a terminal is more straightforward and direct in some sense, as opposed to knowing the right sequence of occult clicks to accomplish something.
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