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Gf time soon too. Usually the gaps are massive and like 6 weeks and this ones only a 3 week gap and its like "fuck already?" But hopefully Inna good way but traveling across the country takes it out of either of us and its my turn. I really need to show everyone the pics I took on the first trip to wales sometime

Also also also fucking oodies are worth their overpricedness you can like physically feel the warm inside of it and it feels good but doesn't overheat me which is something I can't stand. Really good for these mornings where its super cold >.>

Also in other news, I finished my probation at work so I'm actually a decent enough dev not to be fired in a capitalist system which is interesting lol

Things settled down from the last post I made but still quite heavily fucked up with the debt I guess. Thanks again for whoever helped out.

I am so confused and dazed. The person who told me my ebegging was gross has now apologized and said it wasnt worded well and now idk if i need to retype up everything thats been happening because i just am confused

Forgot to say this job is local to the UK and might be easier if your in NW England but I dont think thats a requirement

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Unrelated do I still have any dev friends on here looking for a job that is quite boring but at least pays somewhat decent but probably not that decent but it is a job? Then I might have something! Do DM me. Basically my job is now trying to hire more devs

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Hewwo friends. Sorry ive not been on. I even had to make a birdsite account for my sim racing stuff (I help manage a sim racing team now :o) and I guess horny account on the dl

reallyyyy wish my boss would like actually approve the holiday i needto see my partner and refersh next week ughhh

databases are so cool, i wish oracle was real

While I was gone, ive been doing pretty well actually having software dev job. happy with that. and i finally made my sorta esports debut for Prismatic (as in actually entering a league event for them as a driver) with a solo 2.5 hour Nordschleife race... and i some how got 3rd in class (gt3 am)??? Podium on the debut. I even beat the pro team cause they crashed uwu. Zoomy. Theres a full vod if anyones interested.

also like if anyone tried to message me on element i think the instance i was using kept crashing the apps so maybe broken i never investigated.

hello, im still a thing. still zooming. need to maybe actually use this account and say hi. miss my fedi friends

Plushy, eye contact 

"Hai, is time for snoozies now. Don't forgot your noisy clock!"

Beg post for a friend, pls boost 

Hi all. My close friend and comrade Elise (they/them) currently has no money for food (excl what I have sent just now). They just recently moved states in the US and are starting a new job and therefore won't be paid for a while and need some help getting to the next pay cheque.

Any help would be appreciated. The only payment method I have for them is a cashapp address. $carbonwaves. Thanks πŸ’™ if there's any issues let me know I could work on getting other ways to send them money working.

Update, I am now 4 weeks into new job and they haven't discovered I am actually an imposter and totally know nothing of software development. For real tho I've actually been so productive as a person its been wild. Finally getting stuff sorted. Maybe I might even use fedi more.

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