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-, queerphobia 

So to explain I do know what joke this is meant to be other than its something to do with dating cause he's now single and got like told even tho he didn't want to to use twitch as a joke dating thing. But why this even involves a lgbt identity I have no idea and is just some queerphobic bs

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-, queerphobia 

Fucking finding out that one of the streamers I like fucking put demisexual in his twitch tags as a meme and I just wanna fucking explode but can't just say that's fucked up in his chat so whatever guess I just won't watch anymore fuck sake

Work - 

Getting mad imposter syndrome with how many questions I need to ask :/

Going well so far at job other than forgetting my passport and having to deal with windows 11 just to install Linux ugh

I didn't realise there could be such thing as the worst fucking sticker ever but here we are. Shame I have no stickers to cover it and its quite high up

Hair is still wet but it hopefully will be all dry and nice and curly by work time and i will show cause I went full out on curly hair method stuff I got from lush uwu

Work + 

So the reason I'm out so early today is because today I start my first like full time job. I need to go in for like two days to get setup but then I'd be remote uwu. So yeah nervous today but exciting

Smells, public transport 

This bus smells like custard. That is all. I really do like custard I just don't know why I'm smelling it.


notepad.exe used to automatically play this song on loop during windows XP screen recordings

I don't really understand why more distros don't provide genfstab by default

realizing Quinton Reviews dropped the second part of the Victorious series thats 8 hours... see yall in a bit

My post asking for help about visiting Japan was reported and the report had nothing on it so I'm so fucking confused. Like it's a forwarded report and I'm the instance admin so.I'm.sooooo confused.

thinking about how chuck tingle used to just write books about bi folks & gays & lesbians but then his trans fans were like "hey chuck we wanna see ourselves in your books!!" so then he spent a ton of time talking to trans folks and learning that different people experience transness differently. and then he just just- wrote trans people into his books in positive ways. where their main thing isn't being trans, but the message is that trans people are awesome and deserve love & sex & happiness

soo let me see if I'm getting this right:
- spotify is evil
- no really spotify is really evil. I know you already know this but if you haven't looked into it, it's worse than you imagine.
- spotify is owned by the same people who own everything else
- the niche they exploit with spotify is playlists. the whole thing is about playlists, which are created for free by users.
- playlists are txts.

…anybody doing a distributed pirate dump of spotify playlists into a public database yet?

Hey, so i might be going to Japan with my gf later in the year if things go well and like the GP isn't cancelled. Me and my gf tho are clearly a little weary on the fact we are both trans and visiting a new country whose culture isn't as known esp around queer issues. If anyone had more insight into this I'd love to chat with them. Mostly on a tourist pov though because this is just a small trip maybe 2 weeks. Just putting out a call cause finding resources on this is hard and very hetreocentric

tho just applying skirt plus tights to my style already might achieve some of that. and a nicer jacket in combo with my fem fit t-shirts

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