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In todays breadtube we will be discussing the Rebecca Black's Friday. But before that, we will need to go to ancient china and its philosophy.... wait why are you clicking off the video

"there's an error"
"what does it say"
"Restart firefox to apply update"
"are there any buttons"
"'Restart Firefox' and 'Cancel'"
"so have you done it"

some people just Refuse to read the text in the middle of the screen

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Sending a message to a trans cutie via another trans cutie.

That's trans-to-trans trans-trans communication

kinda fucking me up that a show i watch wrote its story forward in time that episodes in 2019 were written like to take place in sept 2020. and have no covid. but then have the next season joke about the situation lockdown creates but like YOU ALREADY WROTE INTO THE FUTURE WHERE IT CLEARLY ISNT HAPPENING

now i have a stream output only sink and a combined sink so i can listen to the headphone output, send music n stuff to the combined and i will hear it and so will the stream. Do fancy stuff with the audio. maybe even do the VOD track so i dont have music in vods

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UK politics, healthcare, important 

Why is no news or anything talking about the Health and Care bull being introduced today for read and amendments? Its literally the start of the privatization of the UK health system. One key issue is removing the ability for the NHS to fund any surgery's for people that aren't directly under the NHS, which starts to erode the NHS's requirement to provixe free healthcare and starts to allow companies at the table on decisions with no cap on how many can be added.

Total silence in any media form πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

roxie lewd ramble part 2 

Porn has found its gold goose egg in trans women because trans women dont need that much plot to want to fuck (who are allo)

actual real life example: girl looks in fridge at beginning of video, her roommate comes in "if your really that hungry you can come eat this ass" and bam now its porn she did not take that much convincing. You only needed 10 seconds of plot and your in the action.

trans women are efficient sex speedrunners.

The software development cycle, on the production server.

why is anime girls eating burgers such good content

roxies lewd opinion of the day 

too much porn is very mean. they should just be wholesome hardcore if you ask me. mean stuff sucks.

my role in the polycule is to be the ideas guy

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