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problematic is an amazing synth song as like a 80s throw back but you need the video for its very sexual 80s workout montage

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ok tho this is literally the best song on the new bo burnham special and its only a minute long but has the dirtiest synth riff of all time

maybe gunna become a iracing trans gay whomst streams if anyone is interested in that

Some people look at my collection of masks and are like "... why? Don't you only need one?"

No! You need the getting dirty one and the comfy one and the warm one and the formal one and a few that are just fun (ok, maybe I have a few of those) and a few thematic ones for specific occasions and....

Begpost, money, boost pls 

Hello, I'm Roxie. I have had a pretty bad mental health moment in the past few weeks making it hard for me to work or search for jobs. I am struggling to pay my board and see my gf i think this month. I also pay for my hrt entirely out of pocket.

I don't live close to my gf and there is traveling and accommodation costs involved as well as paying a large amount of my earnings this month to my board.

If you have the means to help out that would be appreciated. It was my birthday a few days ago so u can consider it as a birthday thing too.

only want people to donate if they are able to and are doing well themselves first. That is important.


crypto stuff cause I have it even tho it fucking sucks it has benefits :/

BTC: bc1qgy9xmjfz9h9em96chw0fdjj6l2uxzpvvgfa5jq

Monero: 8A3pHVxaoPKCTTaZYyVF456mMit7wSMMsYeB2bgz5GHjaYCv4opWK8A6X7xKGYiheZ7tcmnkEMLxEekN7ng5bMGoErhSM8h

Hi friends,

I've been lucky enough to find a job that pays enough to cover my rent, bills & day to day expenses (just!) but I'm still drowning in medical debt.

Until this is paid, we can't move house (where we are now is a high crime area, we're feeling very unsafe and I want to be able to access better medical care)

If you can help at all I'd appreciate it so so so much πŸ’š

Or and I'll add it as an offline donation.

Thank you πŸ’š

might need to do a beg post again since ive been ill :/ and wanna see gf

pride flags meme, twitter, all-caps 

lots of you have seen's aggressive pride flags, but have you seen the whole thread?

there's lots more, including my sexual orientation :D
(just use "girls" and the other flag :ms_sapphic_flag: and it's perfect)

Anyone got good UK financial advice? Trans union basically are shitting on my credit rating. Basically saying I missed a payment to a water company. But the thing is we cleared this with the water company. They thought it was me who needed to pay the bill. My mum was the actual tenant and bill payer so she sorted it with them and paid it. But now it seems to be shitting on my own credit rating? That I missed the bill when I wasn't meant to be the person billed anyhow and the company sorted it. How do I word this in an email to dispute this with them?

legit tho how u go from being the impressive girl to being the in that gets the job grrrr

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for my birthday i had an interview where i interested people that might hire me but like that still seems unlikely. so hire me as a full time overpaid dev for my birthday pls

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