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Nobody else did it so I took it as my task to do this

re: instance block rec, homophobia, nazi shit ... i mean the name gives it away but i literally saw a dude recommending hitler biographies but not the ones ruined by "closeted anglosphere homosexuals". This also federates with the above

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instance block rec, screenshot with all caps and transphobic bs Hosts this lovely person but also federates with all the other shit head instances (, etc.)

god i wish peoples ideas of furries wasnt just about sex and it as a kink or fetish. ugh even nice people make jokes like that

UK persecution of GRT people, call to action 

Here's a page to write a template letter to your MP concerning the crime bill (which not only criminalises all protests, but also all nomadic ethnic groups) and donate to the Friends, Families and Travellers charity:

re: Glasses try on thread, she has decided!! 

2nd as daily drivers, 3rd as sunglasses! 1st one felt a bit cheap, 4th one was a bit too thick! roxie did it!!!

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micro SD cards were a bad move 

SD card:

- physical write protect switch
- uses a spring loading mechanism. nice satisfying click
- big enough to feel like an object
- but still plenty small

micro SD card:

- oops accidentally deleted my data
- removed with an unsatisfying plastic fingernail ridge. no satisfying click. is it in place? who knows
- where is it? I don't see it
- oh there it is. better not sneeze

re: Glasses try on thread, screencap of the glasses 

these are the choices ur actually makin like laid out on the site

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@SapphicGiraffic the scariest three words ta hear inna lab environment: "Huh, that's funny."

re: Glasses try on thread, poll!! 

Pls vote for the best pair. U can vote for multiple

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Glasses try on thread 

Here is a thread for a glasses try on. I can get two of these, or even make some of them into sunglasses but idk if these are sunglasses frames tbf. I just want people to look through and say which ones are the best! Idk how i feel yet!

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