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god which one of my friends was doing them? One of the trans scottish girls im mufos with but i dont remember which

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morning all, ive been up since like 2am but like ive showered and im all nice uwu maybe do stuff today! Hope you all well today <3 love my mufos but i dont talk much sorryyy

Thinking of actually doing the free online courses thing of CS so I can like just add this shit to my CV and like round of some of my rougher skills

Wow, this shirt is for XL trans girl e girls. I would appreciate if my tops didn't call me out like this

instance may be fixed with actually mounting swap so might have been a ram issue

@FirstProgenitor Kaiba played Dead Money, I told you about the gamers Mika

Block Rec, bunch of slurs 

Idk if anyone’s made this post yet, but it appears like this fucking clown is going around to different instances with open regs and regurgitating bile and the getting mad about being suspended. Keep an eye out for any more alts they make and close your registrations if you haven’t already

Not only are those abs impressive, I love the little smears with her fingers in this fourth picture. #D4DJ

Anyone been having major issues with their instance lately? My instance keeps maxing out my server lately for no reason? Like the sidekiq tasks just halt my server and its impossible to use the instance.

i would like it if my instance wasnt borked for my phone


Broke: lock and key for ownership
Woke: pokeball


Broke: lock and key for ownership
Woke: pokeball

I'm thinking we should start a hashtag for calming photos of moss.

How does #Mosstodon sound to you all? 😁 Come join us! 🌱

Here's another photo, for luck! 🍀

#Moss #Photography

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"history is written by the victors"
cut to room full of dudes typing. they all have nametags that say 'Victor'

im locked out of my hetzner instance because its impossible to edit text files in the console they give because all it can type is a broken german keyboard lacking control keys and the colon key. Meaning that emacs, nano, and vim are all impossible to use. THis is fun when the issue is my port on my sshd server is wrong now and being blocked by the firewall. ive been trying for two hours now instead of sleeping

"holly how tall are you, i keep forgetting" don't worry, i took a picture of me posing next to a building i found on the internet


I'm really fucking horny for girl dick like omfg I need me some medium sized girl dick I can lick all day aaaaaaaaa@

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