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gonna go out and get me some of the hottest new designer pronouns

if i ever have an unbelievably bad take, it's the fault of bad ui design and also my cat is racist

I never did show all the cute keycaps I got printed that are lovely and I might use for something hehehe


maybe people who are currently freaking out thinking MARILYN MONROE looks too masculine to be a real woman shouldn't be the ones who decide what gendered toilets people can use, just saying.

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great how even with extra lockdown stuff happening here cause our area of the country isnt taking it seriously... there is kids playing outside and pubs still open and just fuckin useless. Gunna get a bit hot take but honestly the people around her are just so fuckin ignorant and ugh. Like when I look back to my schooling here, being one of the few kids who was actually lucky to not be failed by the shitty education here. Inspite of it all. Cant wait to move. This area of the country could be so nice if it wasnt for the people

everyone saying its super hot and my room its fine... but it wont be this afternoon since the room is west facing.... oh no

I should let myself have nice things abd live my life at some point but friends far away

BBC, transmisia, negative 

So, a couple weeks back, the BBC's LBGT+ support page quietly dropped three trans-specific helplines:

At the time, the reason was unknown even to the corporation's internal Pride Network.

Now, we hear the reason has been officially given - confirmation that they were 'dropped due to “audience complaints” relating to the “increasingly contested issues relating to trans issues and children”'.

Fuck that with a rusty chainsaw. Removal of those support lines gives clear support to those who *don't need those helplines*, and unambiguously aligned management against trans people. It's not coincidental that with the ramping up of TERFs in the press has come a sharp rise in harassment and violent attacks against trans people; either the BBC supports that, or they oppose it.

Their complaints page:

hentai straight-up
perverts 🤝 neo-nazis

🤝 pleroma 🤝


just so everyone is aware, husky, the pleroma/mastodon app for android, was originally forked from tusky to make it possible to browse gab again, something tusky had made impossible. whatever nice features it has added since then, i would ask you to consider if using the nazi app made for browsing the nazi website by nazis is something you want to do

Sleepy roxies will form a hard union for cuddles and equality and also snuggles and nice blankets

its a crime that people arent talking about how sleepy i am

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