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science friends telling me i can't possibly create coldness from my body because of negative energy or some garbage


i am simply ice type pokemon

Wish there was people who could help you with your cv and actually be good with it 😭

Basically I need to do a small intro personal profile where you just big yourself up and it's so forced and I hate it but this is apparently how you get jobs so pls help >~<

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yo can some software dev help me with my cv pls? i want it sorted so i can finally apply to stuff >.<

Joke violence from a meme I stole but I basically say this anyways 

'The Matrix' is trans. It is queer. It is not right-wing. In this essay I will kick the shit out of you

⚠️ Cursed; Lewd; Furry; Puppy dog song ⚠️ please don’t look at my shame 

So, it's #mastomonday and I have no idea when I will actually record a video of this... have a very cursed song that I recorded


trans stuff I have noticed for a while now 

like what's the point of belittling and making fun of young trans people esp nonbinary people?? I see it on Twitter all the time and I've seen it one here as well esp from older trans women like?? leave us alone and let us try out ways to express ourselves and maybe be cringy who cares and also let us make mistakes and eventually learn from them this shit is already hard and scary enough

im not cool enough for interactions, i just be here being gay. gay dork. A queerdork you could say... only if we had a club...

You only get boosts if u call girls cute uwu

Gunna keep chasing the dopamine hit from the masto notification sound

I am just a boring girl, in a lonely world. I posted the midnight toot to everyone

i love my girlfriend.

This post is brought to you by progesterone

*scientist loser voice* i will get to the bottom of science!!! [actually makes world worse]

Ngl justeat I think this is the wrong time to be promoting collection for takeaways...

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