software dev, lewd?? 

uh so my friends in the simracing community for trans people im in have now convinced me to finally connect to the vibration data in iRacing. They use that data in ground rumblers and subwoofers and kept joking about that I have to shut them up now and just make it

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software dev, lewd?? didn't realize that worked with iracing, damn

re: software dev, lewd?? 

@duc well I would have to make the thing that makes it work lol. Its not that hard. iRacing exposes a section of shared memory for telemetry and the like for 3rd apps to hook into. We just need to translate vertical accel of the car body to a log of the strength of the insert-able subwoofer

re: software dev, lewd?? ah I see, I think last time I've checked, it could use regular controller vibrations as data, but idk how many games that worked on

question, sims btw, do you know of any good overall queer sim racing communities? I mean... as a non-binary person, idk if I personally would call myself trans, like technically I may be and all, but I don't vibe much with that label. So asking with that in mind.

re: question, sims 

@duc I mean all I can recommend is the team/community I am in. We are officially a trans and non binary team and our esports jerseys for the team feature the trans and nb flags in altering patterns on the sleeve cuffs to make this point too. I am bias but I would call the community there a queer friendly and non binary especially friendly place. I don't know of any other community that is for us in this way.

re: question, sims is it just a team or more of a community in general?

re: question, sims 

@duc its both. I know thats confusing lol. The Discord to most people is a community but the community itself is ran by the team if that makes sense? We have people in there from all walks of sim racing even if they are in different teams also but also just people who like to boot up the f1 games or rally games. Though our primary sim is iRacing mostly because thats where the people joined the community from other than word of mouth.

re: question, sims is it possible to get an invite link? ​:ablobcatcoffee:​

re: question, sims 

@duc Yeah, i will dm one in a bit. Im on a mission to fix my new install and get it comfy like my old one first but i can get it in a few.

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