Hewwo friends. Sorry ive not been on. I even had to make a birdsite account for my sim racing stuff (I help manage a sim racing team now :o) and I guess horny account on the dl

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Unrelated do I still have any dev friends on here looking for a job that is quite boring but at least pays somewhat decent but probably not that decent but it is a job? Then I might have something! Do DM me. Basically my job is now trying to hire more devs

Forgot to say this job is local to the UK and might be easier if your in NW England but I dont think thats a requirement

@MxCraven we do many simmy but mostly iracing simmy. I even had broadcasts of me doing cool things for the team and winning a race in the league that the team runs and podiums in proper events n stuff uwu

@roxie Yay! **hug** I'm not sure if this is quite what @Violet has in mind, but it could be worth a try. ^_^

@M0YNG ended up getting really busy with work and sim racing but need to try better to be on here anyhow. Got friends ive not talked to in a while. Though I have no idea how the fediverse has moved while ive been away

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