Got rejected for the job. Paired programming test fucked me over while my scores were pretty decent. Absolute fucking joke of an interview process that is. Get rejected because I feel rushed and it fucked my normal process and made it look like I just rush into coding when I felt rushed because 45 minutes just isnt enough for a solution. And just having to talk so much and try and think everything out loud. Fuck. Seriously am I just fucking not cut out cause I'm slow and rushed to do it and just am fucking dumb when they probably told me no rush or is this a neural typical thing or should i just never fucking bother in this industry cause in clearly fucking not cut out fuck.

re: Vent 

paired programming while we just sit here and not help at fucking all which is totally how that works in the real world where two other coders watch you and you fucking freak out. fuck this.


re: Vent 

at least this time im very aware it wasnt for anything todo with being trans, its just this fucking shit part of the test

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guess ill never fucking find a job then and just like whats the point of this endless trying to just make a living when i can just be poor forever and do nothing

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