Beg post, Lesbian Day Of Visability, help a transbian today, boost!! 

Hey I am roxie and I pay for all of my transition out of pocket. I am a freelance part time dev and getting money is hard. Currently my coop has a cashflow issues and is struggling to pay workers (me included).

On top of this I contribute a large amount of my earnings to bills for me and my mum. Making sure we keep up with rent and bills.

Transitioning has made life livable and I don't want that to stop! I am actually able to get out of the bed in the morning. Helping me hopefully be able to cudl girls when covid is not as bad.

If you want to help a trans girl who is the big gayyyy then it would be really nice if you could donate to me.

only want people to donate if they are able to and are doing well themselves first. That is important!!


crypto stuff cause I have it even tho it fucking sucks it has benefits :/

BTC: bc1qgy9xmjfz9h9em96chw0fdjj6l2uxzpvvgfa5jq

Monero: 8A3pHVxaoPKCTTaZYyVF456mMit7wSMMsYeB2bgz5GHjaYCv4opWK8A6X7xKGYiheZ7tcmnkEMLxEekN7ng5bMGoErhSM8h

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