Kink mention 

The amount of cis het dudes who think women can't be into "weird" and out there kinks is interesting. Ofc its just shit on reddit but the amount of people who think the girl agreeing to be encased in a furniture way isn't into it and its just the dude paying her... Idk if its a misogynistic thing or? These dudes just don't get laid lol

Kink mention 

@roxie Women have to be perfectly normal and if I can't convince a woman from the nuclear family to fuck me in a dungeon with a horsecock filled with chilli lube then what's the point?

IDK... I just wanna snuggle.

Kink mention 

@roxie As a cis het dude, I believe it's more like "I can't see someone getting off on this."

It's not easy, IMO, but idk

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