God my pokemon PC is living the dream. Being gendered and called Roxie by ur lovely supportive mum

God I love how this has lots of British specific slang for stuff like telly. Finally my people get representation in Japanese pocket monster games

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Oh and do u get a eevee plush cause I have a pokemon let's go eevee save? Cause fuck I want that IRL to go with NY sylveon plush

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Can't believe people called this game ugly it looks amazing. And the wooloos! Rolling! Aaaa

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Damn on this UK pokeworld they have pubs but with fruit juice on tap uwu

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@roxie I only played PoLeGo Pikachu and still had an Eevee plushie at home, might be related to Sword vs Shield or character?

There's something neat for PoLeGo players later though!
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