really gunna think about getting a whole kvm switch system so I can play switch at my desk on my second monitor uwu

@roxie i've considered this but it's so that i can switch between my switch and wii u

switching between console and pc is done via the hdmi/dvi inputs

@roxie if you have dvi and hdmi inputs, you don't need anything fancy, the video pins are exactly the same so you can get extremely cheap passive adapters

@monorail i need it to like output the audio from the switch into a seperate thing so I can pipe it to my speakers? Like doing that for both wouldnt be too bad either. so like

HDMI -----| | ----- Audio Out
| =====|
HDMI -----| | ----- DVI

@monorail if there is an easy way to do that it would be amazing. The monitor has no HDMI or audio so it needs to go to dvi and then pipe any audio to my speakers. Maybe even my headphones but thats secondary for now

@roxie @monorail you could do something like what I do and use an HDMI audio splitter, then take the only video signal from that and convert to DVI.

@shadow8t4 @monorail yeah, that might work. I also found like a decent switch that has USB passthrough too where I can use my keyboard to switch them? uwu but ye

@roxie @monorail ohhhh you wanna use the keyboard to switch inputs that complicates things a little yeah.

@shadow8t4 @monorail nah I dotn have to, the kvm switch has otherways to do it. just looked neat

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