Hey, if you know of a software dev position open remotely or the North England then pls check for my cv cause I need a job thanks.

@roxie really like the design of your website ^^

@mary people out here complimenting my cv and website but they are both templates >.<

@roxie (I really need to setup a website even with a theme someday tbh)

@mary i just have a very basic system with hugo which is a nice static website gen. just robbed a MIT theme and edited it uwu

@roxie never really used hugo before but only heard that it was great uwu
The only static site generator I have used is Gridsome and it was for Ryujinx's website (I migrated from a hosted thing to a static website, code is here if you want to look ^^

@roxie also looked at your resume and I love it too, w-what theme have you used as a base for it?

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