feel pretty bad blegh. Maybe im just bad person sometimes and make people sad

@cccam eeeeh idk i feel like a lot of the people i first met on fedi dotn like me now and like idk it just feels very lone.y I feel quite lonely.

@roxie People on fedi come in and out a lot. Very few seem to stay around with you for long times... I like you. You've never given me a reason not to. Sure, I've not been following you for long, but I've known about you for a lot longer.


Sometimes, yeah, you make people sad. But if you don't mean to and you feel bad then you're not a bad person.

@cccam iuts werird that people know about me without following me

@roxie Boosts, seeing you in replies, clicking your profile and taking a look and then being too scared to follow...

I don't know a lot about you or anything, but if someone said "Roxie" then you're who I'd think of.

@roxie "just" roxie is still a really comfy nice cute girl. You're still cool and kind and good friend

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