I'm a genius. Replace master/slave problematic language in programming with dog/sheep. Not problematic but also u get to think of lovely dogs and cute sheep on a field. I'll accept my Nobel peace price in the mail

I'll pretend that me living near moors and like being in a semi rural area made me think of this and the sheep dog I had as a child. Make it really deep or something but I just think doggy cute

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@roxie oh damn that's good

i usually just use terminology like "primary" and "read replica"? but that's cute as hell

@00dani cause the doggy program go's awoo and then the Sheepy ones go baa and then do the thing

@00dani @roxie the cool thing about different metaphors is that they make different kinds of prefect sense in different technical contexts and we should definitely use them!

here's one of my favourite examples:

so, yeah, a node that makes sure all others stay in the field totally makes sense in the context of… something!



"Can you kill the dog node?"



@Eden @roxie wow


why would you?!


@roxie accidentally starts a revolution to free sheep from the oppression of dogs.

@roxie this may be the single best idea i've seen all month

@roxie @Kiki I'll replace my primary/secondary with dog/sheep, thank you. Do you also have one for plugs and sockets?

@roxie But dogs harass and oppress sheeps, no? They do not respect their liberty.


I want to advocate for "head/hand" but I'm the only one I know who does, so yeah

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