I'm just quite boring and an emotional mess. Hence why a lot of people stop being my friend :/ even this post is part of the problem

re: Vent 

@roxie same though

emotional mess squad 💯 :raised_hand_paw:

re: Vent 

@roxie also in my experience ppl not being my friend anymore is a thing but *far* less of a thing than my hell brain would have me believe, so it's likely similar in your case i imagine ;P

also you seem p cool and not boring btw

re: Vent 

@aoife most of the time I am just a low energy boring shell of a woman

re: Vent 

@roxie low energy != boring imo, or at least i hope not b/c then that makes me boring ;P

re: Vent 

@roxie hugs are nice and i give them for free in case you didn't know 🤗 ✨

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